1.In nature CoQ10 is present in single molecules.  However, for purposes of purification, stability, shipping and storing, CoQ10 manufacturers dry it to a crystal. The problem, the body cannot absorb a crystal, only single molecules.  In our CoQ10 product the CoQ10 is dissolved to single molecules as opposed to being in a dry powder formula.

2.CoQ10 is lipophillic, meaning it is lipid soluble.  Once dissolved in a lipid it requires a different lipid “carrier” to transport it across the intestinal absorption cells, into the lymphatic system, and then into the blood.  This process is a passive facilitated diffusion carrier system.  The lipid “carrier” in our CoQ10 product is one which is preferred by the human body for this process.

3.In many products even though the CoQ10 is dissolved in a lipid it may return to a crystallized form.  A third lipid in our product prevents recrystalization.  We put our product in a clear softgel so that its clarity can be seen.  Many manufacturers color the shell of their CoQ10 softgel so that recrystalization cannot be seen.  They often say that this is necessary because CoQ10 is light sensitive.  They are in error, CoQ10 is not light sensitive.
4.Our product has the highest rate of absorption available in the commercial market.  It is 800 to 1200 % more absorbable than dry powder products and 300 to 600 % more absorbable than most of the softgel products available.  In this case, “less is more.”  You can take less of our CoQ10 product and get a higher blood plasma level than when you take more of another product.  For example, in some Parkinson’s studies, 1200, 2400, and now 3600 mg of CoQ10 in a dry powder product have been used.  With CoQLIFE 150 to 300 mg would be sufficient to get the same blood levels and the same results.

5.To perfect our product has taken seven years and 67 generations of formulas.  It was not a lucky guess but a concerted effort to understand the characteristics of the human body (physiology) and of CoQ10 (biochemistry) that would lead our team to answer the question of how to make this “essential nutrient” more absorbable and therefore more available to man for use in energy production and as a major lipophillic antioxidant used by man to protect against many degenerative diseases.

what makes CoQLife the BEST coq10?

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