Founded in 2000, Cyto-Med, Inc. believes in the holistic and preventative approach to disease and health maintenance or "Wellness on Purpose." Natural health supplements are our specialty.

Cyto-Med was founded by William V. Judy, Ph.D and Willis W. Stogsdill, M.D. Dr. Judy and Dr. Stogsdill did CoQ10 research during the mid to late 1990s on a group of children with Prader-Willi Syndrome,(PWS) a low energy syndrome. The children in the study showed significant symptom improvement while on the CoQ10 that was used. Cyto-Med was created so that the parents of those children would have access to the CoQ10 as it was not available any where else. Word of these childrens' success spread across the United States and the world. Now, parents from around the world give their children Cyto-Med's CoQ10.

In 2005, Dr. Judy was a guest on "Healthy Talk Radio with Debra Ray" a national radio show where he educated listeners about CoQ10. Many of those listeners are still loyal customers today. In the same year, Cyto-Med revealed ReJenna HA, a natural joint relief product that contains a unique blend of ingredients including hyaluronic acid and Bio Cell Collagen II. It not only relieves joint pain, but supports joint health and improves joint function.

In 2006, Dr. Judy and scientist, Don Steele, developed a high absorption CoQ10 known as Q Best. This CoQ10 had greater bioavailability and absorption than the "old formulation," so Cyto-Med, Inc. offered it to clients as CoQLife 1- High Absorption. Customers preferred the high absorption formula so much that Cyto-Med,Inc. no longer had a need for the old formulation. CoQLife 1 has been Cyto-Med's flagship product since 2007. Visit Cyto-Med today for more information about the best antioxidant supplements for you.
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William V. Judy, P.h.D.
Dr. Judy has been actively involved in research with an emphasis on nutraceuticals and natural products. He received his Ph.D. in Physiology and Biophysics. He served as an aerospace scientist with NASA-MSC, a professor at IU School of Medicine. Dr. Judy has done clinical research at Methodist and St. Vincent Hospitals in Indianapolis, IN, and for Sarasota Memorial in Sarasota, FL. He is an author and world renowned lecturer. 
Dr. Stogsdill received his MD from IU School of Medicine. He was a Family Practitioner for 15 years after which he took a residency in anesthesiology. He practiced cardiac anesthesia for 22 years at St. Vincent Hospital. While there he founded the Respiratory Therapy Department, and did extensive Cardio-vascular research using CoQ10. He also researched non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring using impedance technology. He was active in medical politics and served as Chairman of the Intensive Care and Anesthesia Departments. He is the Medical Director of SIBR Research.
He is known around the world for his reseach of CoQ10. He has spent the last 40 years researching CoQ10. He worked with Dr. Karl Folker, "The Father of CoQ," for 26 years. He seeks to use his 40 years of research experience to provide you with natural supplements that improve your quality of life.

He is passionate about CoQ10 and uses Cyto-Med, Inc. as a platform to educate people about CoQ10, its function in the human body, its role in energy production, cellular function, and how CoQ levels changes as we age and the affect that has on the body. Dr. Judy is a world renowned researcher in the field of CoQ10. He lectures around the country and the world educating doctors, scientist and those in the natural products industry about CoQ10. Dr. Judy’s research is not limited to CoQ10. Through his company SIBR Research, He tests and/ or develops products marketed by other companies
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