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Co -enzyme Q10, CoQ10,has been shown to be an essential bio-nutrient that is necessary for the creation of proteins, hormones, enzymes and energy. Unlike many others, our product is a truly crystal free  allowing the body to absorb and use CoQ10 more efficiently. 

The CoQ10 in our CoQLife product  (QBEST) is truly a crystal free CoQ10 product.  CoQ10 is lipophillic, meaning it dissolves in a lipid and not in water.  In this novel formula, there are three lipids; one in which the CoQ10 dissolves; one that prevents recrystalization; and one that facilitates absorption in the small intestine.  This formula is specifically designed to provide maximum CoQ10 absorption and to ensure a theraputic amount of CoQ10 throughout the body's blood stream. 

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Get Moving Again with ReJenna HA! 
Whether suffering from mild discomfort or significant joint pain, RejennaHA offers a natural joint relief solution. Collagen, hyaluronic acid (HA), glucosamine and chondroitin supply the body with natural building blocks while boswelia provides natural pain relief. This combination provides nutritional support few other products can offer. 

There are many HA joint products available commercially.  The pitfall of many of these is that they contain a form of HA that is too large to be absorbed into the body and therefore is useless. Our product is unique in its preparation and formulation as it contains a vastly superior and patented collagen II, with HA, as well as other nutrients that improve the absorption and efficacy of ReJennaHA, while assuring safety.

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Important change:  As of 3/15 ReJenna HA no longer contains BioCell Collagen. It now contains Kolla2 Collagen II.
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