"CoQLife gives me the energy I need to get through the day. ReJenna HA helps my knee pain better than anything else I've tried!"

Michael W. 
Bradenton, FL   


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"We deal with very sick patients who have cancer, Parkinson's, and congestive heart failure. No other CoQ10 has the same affect as your product. After much experimentation, we settled on your product...."
Michael R.
Dallas, TX
"I have multiple medical conditons and began taking COQ10 due to chronic fatique.  My energy and health has improved.  My grandmother had congestive heart failure and took it for many years.  It improved her symptoms and improved her energy levels.  My mom also takes it and we are so pleased with the results.  I recently began taking ReJenna due to arthritis and my pains have gone away."

Diane F.
San Antonio, TX

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 Working with Doctor Judy was the highlight of my learning experiences. He is an icon in the natural health movement and I was honored to meet him. You have all been great. The shoulder I couldn't raise above my head is now full range of movement, I can keep up with push ups in Tang Soo Do class and I bench pressed over 100 lbs the other day finally with a shoulder I wasn't sure I would be able to use again. Again, thx for your time.
George B.
Lansford, PA